The potential of tourism in the development of society and nation as a whole has been proven beyond doubt.  Therefore the onus of giving extra care to this sector lies with all the stakeholders. With the immense focus given to the development of this sector, it has become mandatory to look for sustainable growth. To fulfill this long term requirement, we need diverse tourism products, well developed amenities, effective tourism marketing and knowledgeable and skilled workforce. Human resource development for tourism and hospitality can be met through imparting quality vocational education which encourages students from diverse backgrounds to become highly productive professionals.

Keeping this vision in mind, School of Tourism Studies, one of the sixteen regular statutory departments of Mahatma Gandhi University was established in the year 2010. It envisages developing tourism professionals with a broad range of applied, technical and interpersonal skills through innovative curriculum and the effective use of latest technological advancement. It also exposes the students to the current practices in the industry through mandatory internship training. Internships render a great opportunity to get excellent insights into the practical functioning of the tourism Industry.

Student projects are related to real time tourism management issues with social relevance using a problem based learning approach. Students work in small groups to fulfill this in consultation with local tourism/ leisure industry suppliers and design and conduct appropriate research to complete the task. It is to provide students with an opportunity to examine contemporary tourism/ leisure management issues and to apply theory into practice. It is intended to offer real and practical value to the students, both as students and future managers. The applied research, extension and consultancy services in the School would also make it a full- fledged learning experience.