The department, the classrooms and the staffroom is completely WIFI enabled encouraging the students and faculty members to make use of internet sources for knowledge assimilation and dissemination. The school has procured computers to the ratio of 1:1 enabling each student to make full use of the resources available online. The classrooms are smart classrooms fitted with LCD Projectors Speakers, portable mikes.

Facilities within the University Campus

 The web-enabled University Library with its large collection of books, journals and e-journals, the online Theses Digital Library provides open access to its enviable collection of digitized Ph D dissertations. The publishing unit of the Library has brought out hundreds of titles in Malayalam, English and Hindi.

National Service Scheme, the Students’ Web Centre that provides round-the-clock web-support to the campus community, the coaching and placement services provided by the Department of Student Services and the University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau  are available to the students all the time– all these work in tandem with the academic business transacted by the School, making the learning experience a holistic one.