To keep the students abreast of the latest in the computerized Reservation systems (CRS) and to improve their technical skills, the school has procured online reservation systems (GALILEO & AMADEUS) and software systems like Virtual Hotel, Virtual Travel Agency & Virtual Food & Beverage from Mundus Education Corporation, USA.

The communications Lab with individual systems and highly specialised digital teaching material and software of global standard helps to enhance Communication skills of the students and improve their ability to communicate effectively in the English language.

The SPSS lab enables the students to use SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science Research) software to investigate and study the tourism industry and to understand the direction of tourism research and methods. It focuses on designing questionnaires, collecting relevant data of tourism Industry and in using SPSS software for data analysis and interpretations. 

The department, the classrooms and the staffroom is completely wi-fi enabled encouraging the students and faculty members to make use of internet sources for knowledge assimilation and dissemination. The school has procured computers to the ratio of 1:1 thereby enabling each student to make full uses of the resources available online.