The Tourism Business Incubation and Consultancy Cell functions as a division of School of Tourism Studies, focusing on operational and practical aspects of travel and tourism management. The Center which is in line with the other such major centers of international universities and tourism institutes, explores the possibility of University-Industry-Government engagement to ensure tourism resource planning, tourism business incubation and training, destination development services, handling of research and consultancy projects etc.


  • To ensure engagement with the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries and public sector through Tourism Resource Mapping, Tourism Business Incubation, Destination Planning & Development Services, Consultancy- Market Survey, undertaking research Projects  etc
  • To act as tourism business incubation center to develop entrepreneurship skills.
  • To organize capacity building workshops for service providers.
  • To ensure industry –academia linkage ensuring mutual benefit.
  • To develop among students – practical managerial, applied, technical, interpersonal, analytical, and communication skills with the help of industry.